August 24, 2009

Things That Make You Go HMMMM.....

So for the past couple months, several times a week I get an automated phone call that goes something like this, "this call is for Sally Spend-a-lot. If you are not Sally Spend-a-lot please hang up the phone. There is some personal information to follow for Sally Spend-a-lot. If you are Sally Spend-a-lot we are giving you three seconds to go into a different room for privacy. We are a debt collector. Again, you are acknowledging you are Sally Spend-a-lot by not hanging up." OK the first 26 times they called, I was very obedient and hung up because clearly my name is not Sally (I might have altered the name and gender slightly to protect the unknown). At this point, I am like OK this is an automated call and I can't really tell anyone to stop calling my house looking for someone that I don't know. So I decided to hear the message to see how I could help poor Sally Spend-a-lot and maybe a little for the sake of not getting this call any more. So I call the number and explained that I am not Sally Spend-a-lot, I don't know Sally Spend-a-lot, I've never heard of Sally Spend-a-lot, and this phone number has been mine for the past 9 years. Furthermore, I've never received any other calls for Sally Spend-a-lot. The person on the other end said, "Oh, you're a neighbor of Sally Spend-a-lot." I am not sure about that, I don't know Sally Spend-a-lot. "Well, Sally Spend-a-lot, lives next door." I explained the house next door is a rental and I am fairly certain Sally Spend-a-lot doesn't live there right now. After I got off the phone, I had to process the conversation. Really, for real? You are calling me, Sally Spend-a-lot's supposed neighbor? HMMMM....and am I supposed to go invite Sally Spend-a-lot over for some tea and dial the phone and hand it to her? Oh, Sally Spend-a-lot when you're done dealing with your debt collector I've made some fresh muffins to enjoy with me, your friendly neighbor. No hard feelings, we all have our problems. Don't worry, this can just be our little secret (along with the other 30 neighbors they have probably been calling). SERIOUSLY....why are they calling me? Were they hoping that Sally Spend-a-lot was just hangin' out and I could give her the phone and some privacy? Were they wanting me to go over and collect the debt? I know times are tough right now and people are trying to cut out the middle man, but that might be taking it a little too far!

Wow, so if you've made it this far you are a trooper! So now, I must treat you with some eye candy. I love all the elements of this card: the layout, the roughed up edges, the gems, the punch, etc. I even love the colors, but I don't love how muted they turned out in this photo. I used white craft ink to stamp the image. It is a Stampin' Up! image that my mom owns. Hey, why use your own stamps when you can use someone else's, right?
Well, I have jabbered long enough. If you have questions about the card or possibly about living with lots of males (none about debt collectors) feel free to ask away. Just get what you pay for ;) Have a _______(you fill in the blank today) day!


  1. I can see now why you aren't getting anything on your to do list done!