August 27, 2009

My Baby Is 5 Today!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy. I love you so much. I beam with pride that you are getting older and I also ache because you are growing up so fast. OK enough sap! So yesterday we had a conversation that went something like this:

ME: (bursting with excitement) Hey, your birthday is tomorrow.

HIM: (much less enthusiastic than me) I know, does that mean I am going to lose a tooth tomorrow.

ME: No, honey, probably not tomorrow.

HIM: How about when I'm 20?

ME: Oooh, I hope not.

HIM: What about when I'm 80.

ME: Yes, you will probably lose some when you are 80.

HIM: How about when I'm 60 90?

ME: You will probably lose some when you are 6.

I was thinking he was going to be sooooo excited about being 5 and clearly losing teeth are much more exciting than having a birthday. This morning, however, he was excited and proud to be five. He thought he looked a little taller today.

Here is the cake I made for him. He loved it (we had a party last weekend and he ate it then). I will wait until tomorrow to share the card I made for him today to give to him today (the advantage of living at my house is that you might actually get a card on the day you are supposed to get it). It's not that he is an avid reader of my blog so I won't be ruining any surprises there. It's just that I need something creative to share tomorrow.

Have an amazing day!

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