May 1, 2009

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Have you seen Tortoise and the Hare? I am hoping slow and steady wins the race because I am way behind! Here are some pictures of the slow progress I am making on preparations for VBS. There will (hopefully) be four other turtle pictures to go with this one to make a filmstrip type progression. They will also be cut out. Of course, I had to have a reference point for size. My lost and found hound had to get some attention too.
The raccoons are incomplete, but I wanted to share them with you any way.

This is going to eventually be a pier post/pylon or whatever they are called. I was going to buy some cement forms but this is less expensive and I can flatten them out to store them. I used cardboard and scored it so it would make a circle. I have made some with the cement forms in the past and got some serious indigestion when they were thrown away (clearly, by someone who had no idea how much time it took to create them). I will show pictures of the completed projects soon.

Dollar Tree jackpots: dragonfly windsock, butterfly windsock, nylon dragonfly, tea light dragonfly, straw hat, tropical fish (although they are not exactly Bayou fish, I like the color), and bird feeder cattail.

Enjoy your weekend!

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