May 3, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, Brown Fish, Bling Fish

Well, I was able to make some forward progress despite a few set-backs. I copied the VBS clipart fish onto some brown paper I had (from Xpedx). I copied them with their mirror image, cut them out, stapled them partially, stuffed them with some the scraps, and stapled them closed. I had finished a couple fish, but gave one a way for someone else to have as a sample. I sprayed this fish with glitter spray. I like the shimmery look, but I am not certain all the fish will get the same blingy treatment that she got since it's pretty subtle.

I took this funky angle to try to show you the dimension. If you click on the pictures you should be able to pull up a larger view (not sure....computers aren't my thing). You might actually be able to see the shimmer too.

These fish are going to be hanging in nets in various rooms. A few will be hanging from a boat. A few will be in a fishing basket. On one of my scavenging trips to the grocery store I begged asked very nicely for the Frito-Lay vendor to donate a couple displays that look like wooden crates. They have potatoes and corn on them, but they will soon have fish, crabs, nets, and crayfish on them. I will take pictures when they are done.

What are all these turtles you ask? They are for one the crafts for VBS. I tell you I have some amazing volunteers. The woman that cut and sewed all 75 of these adorable turtles has grandkids that aren't even going to be able to go to VBS this year as they will be out of town. Talk about selfless!
Enough chatter for today, I have some props to go paint!

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