May 4, 2009

This Ain't No Hallmark!

That's my Dad's motto on the back of the cards he makes. He computer generates cards for us. He always puts a picture of the kids in them along with other fun stuff. On the back he has the title of this post.

OK so I admit it, I am a card snob. I can't send store bought cards. DISCLAIMER: I love getting cards whether they are store bought or homemade. I just can't send one. It's a character flaw on my part. I would rather not send a card than send a store bought card. I know it doesn't make sense. Since there are lots of opportunities to send cards coming up I'd better get crackin'! I have used up most of my supply. Plus, it seems that I rarely have the "perfect" card suited for the person when I need one. It's all so complicated! I am not above browsing cards at the store for inspiration, however. I am actually the same way when it comes to buying home decor. If I see something I like, if I know I can make it, then I won't buy it. I usually never get around to making it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing...less clutter, money saved, etc. (hey, it's my story).
Can you see the embossed frame around this card? What about the glitter on the butterfly bodies? I used one stamp from the Stampin' Up set called Birthday Whimsy. I used a Marvy punch for the butterflies. Although this card didn't take a very long time to make, I still like how it turned out.
Have an awesome day!

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