April 9, 2009

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes!

My kids make me laugh on a regular basis, however, yesterday was a little extra funny. Of course, I can't always let them know that I am laughing at them. My four year old is so stinkin' funny. What makes him even funnier is that he so matter of fact. Let me give you a little background. He could be sitting there playing a game (electronic), and I would be fussing at one of the other boys. He would be very nonchalant and quietly say something like, "it sounds like (insert brother here) needs to go to his room." Thankfully, the fussee usually doesn't hear his brother or it would most definitely exacerbate the situation. He is always trying to start something with his dad too. It's quite humorous. Anyway, he answered the door and I didn't want him to because I had just gotten out of the shower and because I hadn't looked to see who it was yet. So after the company left I was explaining to him why he couldn't answer the door and asked him what would happen if someone he didn't know was there and tried to hurt him. He replied very confidently that he would kill him. Intrigued, I asked him how. Without hesitation he replied, "with my moves". The situation of course is serious, but the answer made me laugh (not in front of him).

There were two other funnies that happened that I want to share. We were working on writing his name and I asked him if he was excited to start kindergarten. He said, "yes, and now you can go shopping by yourself!" He doesn't miss a thing! Whenever people ask me what I'm going to do when all the kids are in school my generic response is grocery shop without kids. I better make sure I throw in how much I'm going to miss him since I know he is intently listening. Then I was making dinner and he is my big helper so he was on his chair "helping" and I was fussing at my oldest because although he had just washed his hands they didn't meet my standards with the gray hue and smell of dirt lingering. My four year old pipes in, "he's getting the business and I'm not!" It was so funny! I wish you all could hear his inflection and tone.

Then, right before bed look what else came out of the mouth of one of my babes. No, not the toy, the front tooth. He has been working on that one for quite a while. The one next to it will be gone soon as well.
I will should have something creative to share tomorrow. Have the kind of day that makes you smile!


  1. that is precious! what a doll he is!

  2. He certainly is precious. A missing tooth is a sure sign they are growing up. Love Grandma