October 27, 2009

If Only...

I thougt in code rather than all things crafty I would have had this post to share a week ago!  However, my post might look something like this:  (cute) div center:  (/) end (cuteness) add (color) + (ribbon) except the whole page would be written like that.  It took me asking my computer nerd engineer husband to help me google and figure out why my pictures were being rotated once I uploaded them.  If I were more of a bullet point type of person I would take pictures perfectly centered and straight instead of perfectly kattywhampus!  Then I would also not have the problem of blogger trying to tell me the orientation of my pictures.  Whew!  OK I'm done now.  Onto the cards you have been waiting so patiently to see.  Now don't feel yourself full of regret for not signing up for my first card class.  There will be more to come. AND... since I am feeling extra nice I will offer this card class again if there are at least 5 people interested in taking it.  Please email me or leave me a comment and we can figure out a date and time. 

If you have any questions about any specific card, let me know.  I will try to post specifics at a later date.  If you were one of the individuals that took my first class, thanks for taking a chance on me!  I had fun teaching you what I love to do!

I hope you have a day filled with something you love to do too!

ETA:  I have two new classes and times added to my calendar here.  One in November is an all occasions card class and the other in December is a thank you card class.                                            


  1. These are great cards. I too am a demonstrator and love your style.

  2. your talent is just amazing Sheri! your cards are beautiful and i wish i had that flair for detail as you do!