June 2, 2009

EEK! A Spider!

This is part of the Madagascar display. I am showing it to you because it is going to have the "gator" tail that is in the next picture in front of it with some grasses and greenery.
This is going to eventually say "Welcome". It will not have the gator tail. You will not be able to read Madagascar. It will be hanging in front of our church.

Do you see the spider dangling? I can already hear some little girl screaming over this one.

Here is a picture of one of the shacks we set up yesterday. There are little bugs/critters all over it. We used some cheesecloth moss and a little real moss as well. The scouts had an event at our church last night and it drew quite a bit of attention from the boys. I am excited to start to see everything getting assembled.

The "Dock Sweet Dock" sign adds some nice color. There will be a wooded dock around this and some cattails. I didn't want to get too carried away knowing there would be a group at the church.
Have a productive day!

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