June 4, 2009

Crunch Time!

Our VBS starts on Monday. I am so excited that this year we get to mostly decorate the church before Sunday. We've never been able to do that before. There will be other decorations we will add and change.
All these black and white pictures are the traced characters. We were going to mount them on colored paper but since we can only used blue tape on the walls we decided to leave them as is. I like how they turned out.

See the faint circle behind the birds? OOOPS! That was from a couple years ago attaching a porthole that was painted on canvas.

My friend made the gator look like it is getting ready to eat one of the Bayou birds. We actually have moved it to the other side, but he is still waiting for his lunch. On Monday he will be in front of the "grass" in the water.
Here is one side of the Sanctuary. We have added some pylons along the front and some greenery on the stump.

This is one of the worm cans hanging from the ceiling. There are several. They look pretty cool.

This is the breezeway that is lined with the pool noodle dragonflies and streamers. There are also windsocks hanging from the lights.

Here is one of our trees with individual strands of leaves. It looks so cool! It is very labor intensive and I have been told that many times over the last few months.

Another progressive picture.

If you click on any of the pictures you should be able to get a bigger picture. It mightr help to view this one. See the white thing in the aisle on the left? That is a ginormous crane with an eight foot wing span. It will be hanging where the big speaker is above the cross.

Here are the bobbers and some fish hanging in the craft room. Although my paper mache bobbers are less than perfect and round, they still look great in the bigger picture. The skateboard in the next room will be covered with tree branches or taken down. Plus, the door will be shut.

Here is another view of the room with the trees. There are two on this wall and three on the other.

Yes, the bait shop will be getting a door today.

The welcome is finally painted.
Sorry if you saw this before I added the words. I am plugging along as time allows.
Have fun!


  1. Looking good Ladies and Gentlemen!! You have done very well. Mom

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! That is just amazing!!!! You and your team have done an amazing job...that is very cool!!!!

  3. Amazing girlfriend!! You have worked so hard! It all looks great!!!!