May 21, 2009

The Proof Is In The Picture!

So I went to upload some pictures from my camera a few days ago and there was like 78 pictures. I knew I had only taken about 10, and as far as I knew nobody else had touched my camera. I guess I need to tell my four year old if he is going to take pictures without asking he might not want to include self portraits. There were several pictures of himself and a picture of a picture of himself that I had in a frame on a table. There were many angles of my couch, TV, his toys and the entry way. I was cracking up the whole time I watched the slide show.

These other pictures are of my six year old on Mommy Make Over day. The Friday before Mother's day his class invited the mom's for makeovers. There were several stations that included make-up applied, fingernails painted, toenails painted, hair styled, presents presented, and snack time. It was fun, and didn't he make my hair fabulous? I can't wait to show him when he is a teenager.

I have a group of helpers for VBS. We have put in many hours this week and have made lots of progress. I keep forgetting my camera. I have it packed and ready for tomorrow, so look for some new pictures tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

Tell someone you love how much you love them today!

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