May 26, 2009

Getting There...

Today I worked from home on the VBS decorations. I transformed six flamingos into these Bayou birds. My boys thought they looked really cool. Then, I dyed cheesecloth and gauze to make it into moss. I am pretty certain that if I have to dye any more it would be a wonderful project for one of my willing volunteers ;) Then I finished up my seven foot boat. I put together my final work list. Then, I delivered almost everything left at my house to the church. I also inked up 10 more pieces of cardboard for docks. I also managed to finish all my laundry, cook a meal, and maintain a clean house. I've learned some peace keeping strategies over the years! Ready or not, here it (VBS) comes! I should have some more fantastic photos tomorrow. Our backdrop was painted and delivered. I just need to get some pictures. Have a great week!

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