May 18, 2009

A Couple More Pictures For VBS

The gator is done! I think he will look pretty good sitting on some green cellophane surrounded by cattails and lily pads. There will even be a blue heron (that was a pink flamingo in his previous life) sitting near by.

The dragonfly will be hanging outside accompanied by his other 19 or so headless friends. I tried to figure out how to add an inexpensive non-labor intensive head/eyes and decided I like him just fine they way he is. I tried tennis balls that I had leftover from "atoms" but I just couldn't get them to work without the time and expense. I only have a couple weeks and so much to do! I will be living at my church this week surrounded by friends willing to help transform our desert church into a swampland! I will try to remember to take pictures and post a couple times this week.

Have an amazing day!

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