April 22, 2009

Catching Up...

on pictures I promised to share. The first two are the backside of the purse I shared the other day. The top view isn't a great picture, but it lets you see the depth of the pocket for the note. The one oversight I had was, how in the world is she going to get the note out? That thought came to mind as I adhered the pocket. Well, I tied a ribbon on it so it could pull out, kind of like the ribbon used to get batteries out of toys, games, etc.

Today I am working on a scrapbook and gift card holder. I will share them over the next couple days. Oddly enough, I feel like I can predict the future. I envision lots of recipes coming your way over the next month and a half. Vacation Bible School is sneaking up on me and I play a large part in directing/planning and decorating for the week long event. It is a ton of work, but so worth it. I am about two months behind where I usually am so I need to light a flame. I have some awesome volunteers so I need to take advantage of them!

Now onto the Botanical Gardens. There was some really cool glass sculptures. I am not sure if that was a special event or if it is something they always have. I do know they were working on new ones. I am only going to post one picture of the sculptures because there are kiddos in the others and I don't have permission to post them. This blue sculpture is so cool. The kids said it looked like flames or birds. Check out that striped flower. I can see it turning into inspiration for a card! I have lots of pictures of different butterflies, but I am not going get too carried away. I love this Zebra Longwing picture. Are you impressed that I knew the name? Well, don't be, I have a butterfly identification guide. The cool thing about the last picture is that it is the food chain in motion. These two fish jumped out of the water to catch and eat that butterfly. I am such a boy mom. I thought it was cool while others weren't so impressed. We saw another science lesson when another butterfly got caught in a web. The rather large spider patiently drooled over it's lunch waiting for it to get completely stuck. Have a creative day!

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  1. The pictures are really good. Your purse idea is also cute. I love the blue glass. What a great day you had! Wish I had been there. Mom