June 9, 2009

Day 2 Craft

We took the swamp grass down from the kneelers because we didn't think the little kids could see over it. We lined the walls with it instead. I love how the pylons look there instead.
Mr. Gator is still waiting for his lunch.

I tried to capture the whole room. There are worm cans hanging along with fish, lanterns and bobbers.

Another gator hangin' out. This one looks pretty friendly.

I promise no animals were harmed in this photo. I was just entertaining myself.

See the bird hanging? I love the dock going all the way up the aisle.

The shack has a door now.

Ah, here is the craft for day 2.

The cupboards are covered with blue paper and the grass and clouds were painted directly on it. The birds were painted on poster board. The pylons were drawn on brown paper sacks. The cattails are felt with painted stems. I think this is my favorite room. Maybe that is because it is the craft room.
Have a great day!


  1. Oh I am just so excited for our VBS!!!!!!! Your stuff looks great!!!! In the last pic did you paint the birds???? Do you have a patern for them or did you do it free hand??? I love this idea and want to use it....to easy and SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!!!! Totally love it!!!! I can't wait for friday...I might even get there early!!!! Thanks for letting me share in your VBS!!!! Oh also where did you get paper that big?????? My first thought was the plastic rolls at like Party City... but paint wouldn't really work with that...sooo...see you friday


  2. oh and I like the way the front looks without the grass....you can see things better...LOOKS GREAT!!!