May 28, 2009

I Remembered...

My camera and to take pictures. Amazing, I know! This croc is one I found during one of my dumpster diving sprees. He was tore in a few spots an was missing a sign, so we created one for him (thanks for the poster file, Crystal). We actually have a new one out of the box as well. There one of five panels of our backdrop behind him. I didn't stage any of the photos so ignore all the clutter.
What do you think of the "rocks" that are going to be around a fishing hole?
Have you ever seen a cypress stump this big? Well, maybe, but you I know you've never seen such a cutie standing in front of a cypress stump like this one! She is one my faithful volunteers, and I appreciate her and her mother and sister a lot!

Look Ma, I can see where I am going now! We finally gave our dragonflies eyes.

These are two massive structures that were donated from the local movie theatre with a little help from my friend that works there. They were Madagascar 2 displays, but we've moved them into the swamp. They are going to have posters and we will add candid kid shots daily. Something fun for them to look forward to checking out while they are waiting for it to begin.

What's this you ask? These are leaves that have been die cut and are being taped to fishing line one by one. Talk about a labor of love! They are going to be hung in one of the rooms from the ceiling. This is only a portion of them. Remember when I said I can't believe I still have friends after VBS? It's projects like this one that make me understand that I have true friends!

Look, Ma, no tails! We are going to do something with this display as well. I haven't quite figured out what yet, but I'd better get with it! Is the song stuck in your head yet? Here let me help...You got to move it move it.

And last, but not least, the paper mache bobbers for the fishing room. So fun! I am not sure I will have VBS pictures tomorrow, but I might share some more card pictures if I muster the energy.
Dreamin' of crocs, docks, and dragonflies!


  1. Those dragonflies look so darn cute now with their googly eyes and wings! You guys are doing an amazing job! Can't wait to see the kids reactions on the first day.

  2. Sheri...WOW!!! I just really don't have words!!! I am so amazed!!!!! EVERYTHING IS LOOKING WONDERFUL!!!! You are amazing!!!! I can't wait to see it all!!!