May 12, 2009

Did You Know?

That these are not really burned hot dogs? They are paper mache "cattails" that took my mom, my friend, and I several hours to make. They will look pretty cool when they are done, but I am not certain they are worth the time (just breeze over that sentence Mom and Meg). Did you also know that you can't spray paint yarn? Our church was given several of these monster spools of yarn. I inherited four of them to use for VBS. They are bright pink and purple. Although the color isn't realistic, I like it! My volunteers are making cattails with the yarn.

Did you know that spray paint will melt styrofoam? I actually *knew* that, but I hadn't tried it. (Now I understand why my son won't just take my word for it). I sprayed a small portion of my gator/croc and I like the texture the melted part gave his skin. So I decided to spray the whole thing. I will add more color very soon and show you pics of the finished product. If you click on the gator it will enlarge the picture for a close-up.

I have no more useless trivia for you for now. Have a fun-filled day!

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