April 20, 2009

A "Purse-o-nel" Project!

This purse is made from chipboard. I found these fun purses that are supposed to be a scrapbook album. They come in a set of five and are hooked together with a key ring that opens up (can't think of the proper name). They were in the dollar section at Michael's (big surprise, I know). I have a few ideas for them so don't say I didn't warn ya when they keep on coming! This one took a little time to come together only because I wanted it to be just so for the person I am giving it to. I love the shabby chic look! I used embossing powder on the handle. I embossed it 3 times to get it thick and even enough for my liking. I am not quite finished, but close enough to share. On the back of this I am going to make it so that opens up. I will have a button on the front with an elastic piece that will hold the backside shut. I have made a list of 50 reasons my friend is important to me so that if she is ever having an off day or needs a smile she can read through them. I will post pictures of the backside when I am finished. I am like a kid at Christmas, I just can't wait to share!

I was going to make it a little differently on the backside, but when I showed my hubby this morning he asked if it were a card. I said "no, but do you like it?" He said, "I told you what I think would be cool." So typical I tell ya! Where was he last night when I was making it? It's like when I buy a new shirt (which rarely happens because clearly when I spend money it goes towards crafting) he won't say anything. When I put the shirt on to go somewhere he asks, "are you going to wear that?" No, honey, this is the pregame show. Afterwards, I thought I'd decorate the closet with new clothes. Where was your opinion when I bought it? Sheesh!

I get to chaperone a field trip today, so I should have some fun, but not crafty pictures tomorrow. Have a great Monday!

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  1. its from Colorbok $1 at michales i have about 5 of htem and i didnt know how to decorate but thanis for the idea.