March 24, 2009

Sewing Some Sympathy

Sympathy cards are hard to make for many reasons. I like to create ones that evoke happy feelings without seeming insensitive. I labored over this card trying to get the placement of everything just so. I did a lot of distressing and stitching and then more distressing. I got it all put together and it still seemed to be missing something. I added some stickles to the center of the flower and it gave it the "happy feeling" I was looking for. I think colors add to the mood because they are cheerful, yet subdued.

For the stitching I used my Janome Sew Mini machine. I want to love to sew, but I don't because I am not good at it. I like stitching on cards because you can purposely make the stitches all over the place and it's really cute. My stitches are all over the place even when I try to make them straight, so I gave up straight stitching for Lent (just kidding). I made this card a few weeks ago. So last night I was trying to sew on a new card, and I can't get my machine to work. It made a few stitches and stopped and had all kinds of bunched up thread on the bottom of the card. I re-threaded it. I took the bobbin out. I blew the lint out (although I doubt there was any lint since I just use paper and not material). I even accused the boys of using my machine asked the boys to see what projects they were sewing. As I adjusted the tension on the machine the tension in my being went through the roof. That would be another reason I don't love sewing. Oh, well. I threw gently packed it away and will try again on a day that I have more patience.

Tip Of The Day: Never pray for patience unless you're really up for the challenge!

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Stamps: Stampin' Up! Sanded background, Close As A Memory, Botanical Blooms

Ink: Stampin' Up! Groovy Guava, River Rock, Cranberry Crisp

Paper: Stampin' Up! Groovy Guava, Cranberry Crisp, River Rock, and designer paper from Costco

Accessories: dew drop wanna be's from Michael's floral department, stickles,


  1. Your Aunt Millie called today to tell me what a beautiful card she got from. She couldn't believe how wonderful it was. As the receipiant of the birthday card, I was impressed also. And what memories we had to to get you to the point of being able to make this card for me. My blood blister from the pearls is now gone!!!

  2. I love this card!!! I want one!